Your Marketing Should Generate Leads
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No one buys ¼” drill bits because they want new drill bits. They buy ¼” drill bits because they want ¼” holes. We get it. You want results.

We are a premium, full-service marketing firm. We partner with clients to craft comprehensive marketing strategies and utilize all appropriate marketing channels to generate leads. You don’t need more “likes” or cute keyword ranking reports. You need results. #getSQRD

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"SQRD Media has been a complete game changer for our business. Simply put SQRD Media does what they say they are going to do. I would highly recommend them to any business looking to rebrand or implement better systems."

— Tom Karren, Vantage Marketing

SQRD Process

1. DISCOVERY CALL: All About You

30-minute assessment of your current state

2. SOLUTION CALL: Custom, baby, custom.

Present your customized proposal

3. ONBOARDING: Same page / same goals.

Clarify all goals, expectations, deliverables, and timelines

4. STRATEGY: Gameplan creation

Develop all buyer personas, buyer journeys, and plan execution

5. EXECUTION: 60-day cycles

Marketing tactics and channels are run in 60-day execution cycles

6. OPTIMIZATION: Data drives changes

Results analyzed, improvements made, and next cycle launched

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